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About me

Hello and welcome to my site !


My name is Tom and I'm a gay student from Montreal, Canada. I'm majoring in computer science so, yes, I'm a #geek ;) This means that I spend most (all) of my time in front of a computer, programming websites or... well, like any horned up gay college boy... jerking off :P So I was like, why not join both interests and build a website out of my favorite gay porn movies? BOOM!


Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you: Tom's Movies (how original, I know).


And 'cause I jerk off everyday anyway, I'm actually helping you (see how much of a good boy I am) save some time by filtering the crap and giving you only the good stuff (aka what made me cum :P) From hardcore studio movie scenes to amateur teen boys caught on cam, you'll see that I'm a bit kinky and that I have a thing for curious fit skater dudes <3


There is also a #celebs section, 'cause let's face it, we each had (have) a major crush on a celebrity before. So, a bunch of stuff including TV & movies nude scenes, shirtless #Ice Bucket Challenges, sexy #Tumblrboys, steamy hot athletes in action and nearly all of Tom Daley's Instagram.


Disclaimer: Remember, I pick up this stuff from various sites out there on the great internet, most of which offer embeding options or simply are public social sites. And tho I try my best to respect everyone's work and privacy, If you're not happy with any content on this site, simply contact me and I'll take it down.